Use the Miracle Prayer and Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Money

It can be hard to utilise the law of attraction to make money when you have a genuine inadequacy of it. It is truly difficult to centre your psyche and convey positive signs to the Universe when you are battling financially below are a few techniques to help you cope and learn how to use the law of attraction to get money.

1. It’s Not About the Money – It’s how you flow your energy. People tend to dwell on the lack of money rather than the abundant availability of it. The moment you hear the word money, your subconscious is already tuned into the lack or scarcity of it. Focus your mind on the piles of cash out there just waiting for you to collect. Let the word “money” excite you rather than depress you – this will open the doorway for the Law of Attraction to send more abundance your way!

2. Emotional Spending – You have got to give your energy outlets to flow into. This means you have to spend the money you desire. Buy that new car … over and over again. Get that fancy sound system, buy that house, go on that holiday. What I am trying to say is that the energy needs to flow, don’t let it stop in your head, give it somewhere to go. The law of attraction says it needs to keep flowing.

3. Available to Receive – Make sure you project to the Universe that you are ready to receive. You are ready and you deserve to receive. We have been programmed since childhood that we can only be good people if we give, not receive. Make sure that you use the law of attraction in the correct manner. You have to change that belief and know that you can be a great person, even if you receive in abundance.

4. Stop with the Excuses – You will not attract more money if you keep thinking you’re not educated enough, or smart enough or the market is bad or the timing isn’t right. Remember, the Law of Attraction will give you more of what you are thinking and feeling. So if you think the market is bad all the time … guess what … it will be. Stop with the excuses and just believe that you will make more money, regardless of the market, the law of attraction will oblige.

5. The Past does not Equal the Future – This does not mean that you should not learn from previous mistakes, but if you want to change things in your life, you have to believe that the future can have a different outcome than the past. A past failure does not guarantee a future failure. Learn from your mistakes, make a miracle prayer for money and use the law of attraction to attract a successful outcome in the future…don’t project those past failure beliefs into the universe, if you want to succeed this time round, put those feelings out there!
One regular mistake many individuals make is money assertions, yet not address the negative money convictions they have in their subconscious around money. Along these lines, regardless of how often they “present” their money affirmations, nothing happens on the ground since the money affirmations are being “dis-affirmed” on a subliminal level.